Easton Local Attractions

The beautiful city of Easton was once called by the Lenni Lenapi Indians are the “Forks of the Delaware.” It ideally sits at the banks where we now see the Lehigh and Delaware Rivers meet. This amazing community established by William Penn in the 1700s has some interesting local attractions to offer to both its residents and visitors.

Penn was a proponent and idealist of other cities. And just like most of the cities he designed, Easton’s highlight is a large central square. As a matter of fact, the very first public reading of the historic Declaration of Independence outside Philadelphia occurred in the Easton Center Square in 1776. And with that in mind, it makes a lot of sense if you start your fun experience exploring the city in the Center Square. Here you’ll discover the Crayola experience and the Farmer’s Market – the oldest open air market in the U.S. But there are other attractions, too. That’s why you have to continue reading in order to know more about the stuff to enjoy and the places to go in this city.

Farmer’s Market – It really pays off if you take some time to visit the Farmer’s Market. It is described as a producer-only market that features many different products like local produce, meat, herbs, flowers, eggs, cheese, and even crafts.

1753 Bachmann Publick House – Another local attraction boasting a rich history in Easton is its oldest building – the 1753 Bachmann Publick House. What it offers is the last remaining Northampton County colonial era courtroom. So if you are into history, this destination is definitely for you.

Abbey Hill Gallery – For a look at fine works of Art from Easton, you can go ahead and visit Abbey Hill Gallery. It is located in the schoolhouse of the old St. Peter’s Church, dating back from the 1800s. Most of the arts showcased are from contemporary artists.

Josiah White II Canal Boat Ride – For a trip down history, you can get aboard the Josiah White II. It is actually a mule-drawn canal boat that cruises Section 8 of the Lehigh Canal. You can go there in Hugh Moore Park in the summer season.

Easton Canal Museum Locktenders House

Easton Canal Museum Highlight: The Locktender’s House

National Canal Museum – Another interesting local attraction is the National Canal Museum. It is one of only a few remaining and living canal heritages in the U.S. When you visit this museum, be prepared to go back to the 1800s and experience being in a community without highways, planes, and railroads.

The Crayola Experience – You cannot afford to go to Easton or nearby Lehigh Valley cities without experiencing this fun Crayola Factory. You get to see the manufacturing demonstrations as well as many different hands-on activities and several exhibits.

Sigal Museum – Another trip to Northampton’s history is a visit to Sigal Museum. What you see here is an interesting collection of interactive exhibits, showcasing a rich history of the county, including artifacts.

With all those local attractions we’ve mentioned, there is certainly a good amount of reasons to visit the city of Easton and the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania one of these days.