Brief Review on Bethlehem’s Most Notable Local Restaurants

Bethlehem RestaurantsWherever you are in America, food will always be something every one of us is proud of. In Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, restaurants and fast foods make your stay extra special. After all, no one wants to visit a place without the benefit of enjoying a meal. Just like most other places in the Lehigh Valley region, you won’t be disappointed with what Bethlehem has to offer.

Anyway, here’s a look at some of the best local restaurants you can visit and enjoy while you’re in the city:

Apollo Grill – Located at 85 W Broad Street, Apollo Grill is a popular food destination in the city. It offers an American style breakfast with a gluten free menu. It is a food hub perfect for groups of people or family. According the restaurant management, there are several stuff in their menu that give residents as well as tourists some good reason to come back and dine.

Menu Highlights:

The best dishes in the restaurant are distinct and outrageously delicious, highlighted by the Mesa Fried Calamar, Cobb, Crab and Asparagus Bisque, Grilled Corned Beef Reuben on Rye, and the Szechwan Duck Breast.

Vegan Treats – The next restaurant in this list is Vegan Treats. As the term suggests, it is a vegan restaurant offering healthy goodies for breakfast as well as ice cream. It’s a good place to meet up with friends or simply to drop by before starting your day. Located in 1444 Linden St, it is a pride of Bethlehem when it comes to healthy food options.

Menu Highlights:

You can go all out with some of the healthiest but also delicious dishes and desserts from Vegan Treats. This restaurant features the Chocolate Brownie Stack, Coconut Cr̬me Pie, and the Double Chocolate Brownie Рall intended to make you come back for more.

Yianni’s Taverna – For a rather unique dining experience, you can go ahead and visit Bethlehem’s Yianni’s Taverna. Featuring Greek style tastes, this restaurant is located at 3760 Old Philadelphia Pike. According to the owners, the restaurant’s vision is to bring the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of Greek cuisine to the entire Lehigh Valley region. Described primarily as an authentic Greek grill house, it features the best menu of Greek and European dishes.

Menu Highlights:

Dine at Yianni’s Taverna and don’t miss out on the Braised Lamb Shank, Yianni’s Chicken, Pastitsio, Moussaka, Chicken Athenian, and Vegetarian Moussaka.

Copperhead Grille – Another popular local restaurant located just outside of Bethlehem is Copperhead Grille. It is in 5737 Route 378 and is classified as an American style grill with the best selection of steak, salads, and sandwiches. The place is a great place for friends and family, or even when you’re dining alone. The menu actually represents some of the most popular American foods but they’re good at putting their own distinctiveness to them.

Menu Highlights:

Many customers are always craving over the Texas Rib Eye and the Crab Dip and Salmon. However, there are so many other choices, too. The highlights include Fried Mozzarella, Chicken with Pasta, and Marsala Wine.

So if you happen to be visiting the city of Bethlehem or nearby Lehigh Valley cities and counties, spend some time in these local restaurants.