Allentown Restaurants

The great United States of America contains many wonderful places. The likes of Washington D.C and New York are examples of great American cities. However, beneath the confines of geographical fame lies a town filled with a deep sense of American heritage and pride. A place that is not well known by the international community but it does elicit great anticipation and enthusiasm from tourists and the indigenous people. That city is Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Located in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, Allentown is a town full of historical significance and it is also a commercial hub. Even though it possess old buildings and a vast array of beautiful parks, Allentown also consists of spectacular restaurants that offer mouth-watering meals that could tantalize even the most ardent food critic. Restaurant in Allentown cater for all social classes. Whether you are a humble fellow with a moderate salary seeking a diner that offers affordable food or a big spender that indulges only in exotic cuisines, you will find a restaurant that is suitable for your tastes.

For all those who are seeking establishments that produce good quality foods at affordable rates, Cali Burrito, Spuds and Vegan treats are the best options. Cali Burrito is an eatery that offers popular Mexican dishes with a slightly healthy twist. If you crave burritos, nachos or quesadillas, Cali Burrito is the place to be. Spuds is a burger joint and the utopia for fast food lovers. The food outlet produces traditional fast food meals such as burgers, bacon bits, french fries etc. Vegan treats is the ultimate vegan’s paradise. The menu consists of deliciously baked and cooked vegan delights. The place is also available for non-vegans.

martini glass at restaurant in Allentown PAFor those who seek places that express culinary panache that costs an arm and leg are welcome to visit the Cosmopolitan Restaurant, Roma Ristorante and the Vineyard Restaurant. The Cosmopolitan Restaurant restaurant offers the ideal scenery for lovers and romantics to enjoy the exquisite fondue the eatery offers. It is the perfect place for a perfect romantic date. If you seek a restaurant that deals with scrumptious Italian meals, Roma Ristorante is the one. The place offers a courteous service and Italian cuisine that will make anyone moan in delight after a bite. The Vineyard Restaurant, another Italian restaurant, serves beautifully crafted gourmet dishes. Even though one will pay a slightly hefty price for such culinary excellence, it is worth every penny especially if the aroma of the food is tantalizingly enough to convince any individual to order a meal.

One of the new additions to Allentown’s restaurant industry is Chickie’s and Pete Crab House and Sports Bar. Situated at 701 Hamilton St, Allentown, the eatery consists of a loud vibe accompanied by a vibrant atmosphere that is well-suited for sports fans. The restaurant decor consists of simple wooden furniture. The place is surrounded by a colossal selection of beverages and various large flat screen TVs. The interior design has a great degree of sophistication and flair. The lighting has a touch of elegance. The menu consists of signature dishes such as the famous crabfries and delicately spiced mussels. There is also an assortment of seafood and snacks. If you are seeks a thrill on a sports bar, Chickie’s and Pete Crab House and Sports Bar is the best choice.

There you have it, Allentown, PA and its great restaurant industry. If you ever visit Allentown, be sure to visit the restaurants that are mentioned in this article especially Chickie’s and Pete Crab House and Sports Bar. You won’t regret it.