10 Things You Should Avoid Flushing Down The Toilet

Plumber Fixing ToiletUsing the toilet is a daily task and you may even start to take it for granted. But when your toilet backs up and causes a huge mess with plenty of damage, you start to wonder about the things you used it for in the past. Before you have to call plumbing services, remind yourself never to flush these ten items down the toilet. You could avoid that back up problem you dread.

Item 1: Bathroom wipes

If you like to feel extra clean after you go, there is nothing wrong with using bathroom wipes. However, they are not flushable and they can actually clog your sewer pipes and cause a back up. Use the wipes and then keep a bag nearby to throw them out.

Item 2: Cotton Balls or Swabs

You would think something so tiny would be fine, right? But they get soggy and retain water and can break down the pipeline. They can gather in the bends of the pipe and cause a huge blockage.

Item 3: Prescriptions

If you need to get rid of the rest of your pills, flushing them is not the option. The drugs in prescriptions get rid of bacteria and can contaminate the groundwater supply.

Item 4: Band-aids

Band-aids are tiny, what bad can they do? They are made from non-biodegradable plastic, which can clog the sewage system horribly and is bad from the environment as well.

Item 5: Paper Towels

Paper towels don’t break down in the water like toilet paper does and flushing them can cause big clogs.



Item 6: Dental Floss

Even though it is as small as string, it is not biodegradable and can wrap around other objects in the pipeline and hold it in place making a tiny clog large in one instant.

Item 7: Cat Litter

Litter is made from clay and sand, which are not good for pipes, and the cat waste has toxins and parasites that should not go into the water system either.

Item 8: Cigarettes

Cigarettes add huge amounts of toxic chemicals to the water supply. They probably won’t cause a clog, but they aren’t doing any good either.

Item 9: Oil

Do not put cooking fats down the toilet or drain because the grease cools and congeals and is like a wax that clogs pipes.

Item 10: Diapers

Disposable diapers are made from toxic plastic that expands when it is wet and they cause terrible back ups.

You will need plumbing services much less often over the years if you do not flush these ten things down your toilet. If you or a loved one did happen to flush something down the toilet and your system is backed up, or for any other of your plumbing needs, contact Robinson Plumbing. Robinson Plumbing is a local, family owned company that offers a wide variety of services. Our priorities are quality service with exceptional customer care at an affordable cost.